Zenodro is more
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It’s a global family.

Learn why we are the best option when buying a vacation home

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Zenodro is a family-owned company focused on creating a new standard in home building. We are currently developing more than 566 homes in Central Florida. Our Dream Community features 155 acres of development and is made up of six neighborhoods including Hidden Forest, Serenity, The Retreat, Tranquility, Hidden Lakes, and Sunrise Pointe. 

At Zenodro you’re more than just a client – but a much-valued member of our close family. Zenodro has brought people from all walks of life together to build a warm and welcoming community in safe and beautiful surroundings.

Our location, product, team, and values are what make Zenodro Homes the best option when buying a vacation home.

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The Zenodro Story

Lusant & Mariher Ordoñez founded Zenodro Homes in 2005 as a company that would deliver the highest quality homes at the best price in its market; a family-owned business rooted in an ethos of goodwill, community, and giving back. These values are not just what we aspire to be – they’re at the core of who we are every single day.

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Our Values

  • Pioneering Business Practices and Design

    We push boundaries and inspire others to pursue the same path. We deliver innovation in the forms of standard modern design to eco-friendly building practices. We continuously challenge the status quo, we were the first vacation homes in our market to offer modern finishes as standard. 


  • Champions for Excellence

    We believe passion is essential for every Zenodro team member. It is ambition materialized into action. From sales to construction we rely on the passion of each department to deliver a product of excellence to every client. 


  • Responsible Ownership and Accountability

    We are stronger together, connected by our belief in integrity, and individual responsibility. We aspire to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Serving our global Zenodro Family is simply the right thing to do. 


  • Mutual Respect and Appreciation

    Our company culture is the heart of Zenodro homes. We strive to be a place of sincerity, gratitude and excellence. We challenge everyone to treat each other with the same respect as we expect. We think the team that believes together, binds together. 

  • The slab of our Hidden Forest model home being poured.
  • Preparing the way for the next seven units.
  • Three stages of Hidden Forest progress.
  • An early morning pour of building 12.
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